Surviving our first winter in the Sawatch Range

Straight out of the western lore of yesteryear sat a quaint cabin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Without the internet, you wouldn’t know whether you were in a scene from 1924 or 2024. Perfect for us.

1 min readJun 25, 2024
Our cabin on Christmas Eve, 2023.

8600' above the clouds sat something I had been searching for since I was a child. A log cabin — a true log cabin — with a wood stove, a well, a creek, and an outbuilding that I now lovingly call “the shop.” It was October when we moved in. We had no wood, the septic didn’t work, the well pump was shot, and the house had sat vacant, unloved, for over twenty years.

A mad dash to winter. We had just about three weeks before the snow would fly.

It’s just under 1,000 sqft. One bedroom, one bathroom, and a loft. Some may think this is tiny by today’s comparisons. It is.

It’s perfect for us.

In our rush to slow down, we landed here. We’re in the throes of a western fixer-upper, and we hope to share our journey, musings, and shenanigans with you.

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